A Picture’s Worth 1000 Words

Being online today is as essential as having a name, and your online presence can impact both your bottom line and your chosen sphere of influence in ways that no other business tool in your toolbox does.


Telling your story, connecting with your community, participating in social media and staying up on the newest methods for authentic interaction with your market can be overwhelming, and you have a business to grow. Video has become an integral part of every promotional vertical, and it’s more economical than ever.


It’s also the fastest, easiest way to make a connection with your audience.


Come to AEON Tactical for strategic guidance, media advice and development, and implementation of the tools you need to tell your story.

Telling your story with authenticity, creativity and impact

Creative Concept Development


From the kernel of an idea can come a great marketing campaign or a moving tribute, a memorable promotion or a powerful media property. Our creative team is expert at finding the perfect unique and engaging presentation for your message.

Film | TV | Commercial


Today’s world is visual – whether your needs are still photography, marketing promotions, product launches, TV narrative or documentary, music video, shorts or full length feature film development, production, post are all of the above, our creative team is in your corner all the way.

Production Services


From pre-production, budgeting, location identification and management, casting, crew and story development, we can provide a professional package for TV or film, as well as broadcast commercial, corporate, educational and public service work.

Online Content Development


Developing content for the web, offering unique and memorable short ads, webisodes, public service announcements and educational videos, AEON Tactical has years of experience and can bring your message to your market, promote your newest product or bring a special outlook to any creative endeavour.

Post Production


Quality post production work is an essential part of the media creation process. Offering editing, colour correction, audio and music editing, visual effects and motion graphics, our team mixes professional expertise with a passion for creating the best project possible.

Packaging & Distribution


Effective marketing and distribution, utilizing both traditional channels and creative online tools is key to developing your market, and our PR and marketing resources can assist you even after your project is completed. From campaign creation to screening events, your project is our first priority.

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